What is Digital Signage Content?

Quit simply … anything!  Content is ANYTHING that is displayed on a screen, including  but not limited to video, text, images, news feeds and live programming.  “Content” can also refer to the collective combination of various media types to reveal a larger message.  The “key” to content is targeting your audience at the point at which they are most engaged with your highest priority message.  You want to capture their attention or engage them with interaction in order to draw their attention to your business, event or product.  Today’s digital signage technology allows all of this to be done using back-office systems that even personalizes the visits experience!

What digital signage content is most common?

The following examples are the most common uses for digital signage:

  • Food Service – digital menu boards, self-ordering kiosks
  • Retail – aisle end caps, self check-out, product display case
  • Tourism – wayfinding, attractions, city kiosks
  • Sales – whiteboards, demos, portfolios
  • Corporate – meeting room controls, sales tracking, warehouse tracking, training, visitor information
  • Public – wayfinding, information (traffic, news, weather), interactive maps, transportation
  • Museums – galleries, interactive exhibits, wayfinding
  • Education – interactive classrooms, wayfinding, information kiosks, library resources
  • Tradeshows – interactive products (I/O), registration kiosks
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