DIGITAL SIGNAGE systems deliver customized media playlists to one or more digital screens, enabling a network manager to display targeted information to a specific audience at a specific place and time.  Unlike old-fashioned, “traditional” signs, digital signage is easily customized, quickly updated, cost-effective and pushed out to many displays with a single click.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE allows you to control the message, the look and the content.  You can blend a custom mix of product promotions, news, upcoming events and event current weather.  DIGITAL SIGNS are used in a variety of applications including wayfinding, retail marketing/advertising, employee training, multi-cast video transmission or internal communication.

Engage your audience with a premier digital signage platform.  OMNIVEX software products allow you to create the digital signage network and platform that fits your organization’s needs.  The software is versatile and will expand as you grow.

    Create a beautiful business app in (3) steps — no coding required!
  • Create a mobile experience in minutes
  • Extend information to everyone’s fingertips
  • Run your app on any phone, tablet or computer
  • Real-time, bi-directional flow of information
  • Build once and deploy to any device
  • Easily control who has access to your app
    From Cloud to Enterprise, Moxie offers organizations a visual communication platform that delivers unique content directly to customers or end-users.
    Moxie Cloud
  • Manage content from a browser
  • Professional templates
  • SaaS pricing
  • Moxie Commercial
  • Moxie Studio design app
  • Templates and artwork
  • Build interactive wayfinding kiosks
  • Supports up to 50 screens
  • Moxie Enterprise
  • Full suite of Moxie Studio tools
  • Full suite of linking products
  • RFID, SQL, I/O, social media and data integration
  • On premise or cloud hosted
  • Scaled to suit your network of screens

The HARDWARE that is responsible for displaying your content is one of the critical components of your digital signage system. Quality hardware the creates the visual look your organization requires while also provide premium content will reinforce your company’s image in the marketplace. Displays that appear to be “buffering” or are unresponsive will reduce the impact your digital signage system has on potential customers.

HARTLAND PRODUCTIONS has partnered with the top vendors in the digital signage industry to bring your company a comprehensive list of hardware options. These companies offer the latest breakthroughs in today’s technology that work seamlessly with digital signage and will make your organization stand out above all others.

CRITICAL EMERGENCY ALERTS are weather and other civil alert messages provided by the National Weather Service (and other agencies) to your specific location based on GPS coordinates or latitude / longitude location.  The instant the NWS issues an alert, our software filters for customers that fall within the watch/warning area and immediately sends the alert(s) to your digital signage player, cell phone, pager, email or other device.
DIGITAL SIGNAGE using Omnivex Moxie software has proven to be an extremely effective tool for severe weather alerts.  Our alert technology allows customers full control over when and where weather alerts and forecasts are displayed.  Keeping employees and customers safe is key and Moxie in combination with CRITICAL EMERGENCY ALERTS provides immediate notifications allowing necessary time for personnel to seek safety.
IN ADDITION to severe weather alerts, the critical emergency alert service also provides current weather conditions, daily forecasts and three-day forecasts for each location(s).  In addition, we can customize your system to provide regional and national conditions and forecasting.
CRITICAL EMERGENCY ALERTS are currently being utilize by many customers including state and federal agencies, public schools and private corporations.  Contact us to see how we can put CRITICAL EMERGENCY ALERTS to work for you!

This information is currently being updated … check back soon for more information!