Severe Weather Alert - Tornado


With winter soon approaching, now is the time to start considering your approach to severe weather and your safety procedures during severe storm season.  With the continuing talks of global warming changing the climate of severe weather in the United States, companies now more than ever are taking a look at how they protect their customers and employees in the event of severe weather.

Our company offers a severe weather warning system that works in conjunction with our digital signage software system to alert locations within the area of concern of impending severe weather within seconds of issuance by the National Weather Service.  The added visibility and quick alert time allow customers and employees to safely seek shelter prior to an advancing severe storm.

The alerts are issued directly from the National Weather Service and will alert your digital signage location if it is within the latitude/longitude coordinates of the alert.  This eliminates false alarms or lengthy stays in shelters for locations not in the direct path of the storm.

We offer customized warning screens so that you control the message as well as custom emergency messages within your organization.  We offer all alerts provided by the National Weather Service, however our most popular alerts are tornado watches/warnings, severe thunderstorm watches/warnings, flash flood watches/warnings and winter storm watches/warnings.

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